Christian Education Degree

The Christian Education degree offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate degrees in these areas of preference:

Elementary and Middle School Education
High School Education

Example of some of the courses in Education include:

Reading and Learning Strategies for Middle and Secondary ADD Students
History of Christian School Education
Classroom Instruction that Works
Creative Teaching Methods
Development and Assessment Curriculum Methods
Curriculum Development
Philosophy of Christian Education
Scorners and Mockers: How to Dampen Their Influence

Examples of some of the courses in Administration include:
How to Start a Christian School
Serving God on the Christian School Board
The Helmsman: Leading With Courage and Wisdom
Legal Problems of Religious and Private Schools
School Administrator’s Guide to Crisis

Student Teaching is also included as a part of the degree programs.

These courses were written by some of the leading authors in the field today.  They are practical and very useful in preparing you to be an educator well fit for the Master’s use.

See the catalog for more information about the Christian Education degree.

Please also inquire about our Teacher Certification Program.


Note: The Christian Education degree is applicable only for those who are interested in being employed in Christian Private Schools.  It is not of benefit or is it valid for anyone interested in a state public school position.  There is a separation of church and state in the field of education.  What you might learn in a state college would not benefit you in the Christian School arena to the extent that a Christian Education degree would, nor will what you learn in a Christian School degree benefit you in teaching in the public school arena.  It is questionable whether or not a Christian Education degree would be accepted in the public school systems.

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