New Life Bible College and Seminary Extension College Program

Our goal is to help you to be able to equip your workers with the Word of God and enable them to earn an accredited degree in the process. Your church or ministry will have an extension of New Life Bible College right at your location to train your workers. New Life Bible College and Seminary will help you set up the classes. You will function under our umbrella. We will provide the curriculum for a fee.  (In one program, you may set up your own curriculum with the colleges’ help.) New Life Bible College and Seminary will help in enrolling students, keep all records, issue diplomas, keep permanent transcripts, and take care of all transfers to and from the program from the time of their enrollment and in the future.  Your satellite program will teach the courses, grade the work, and do any direct correspondence with the students. Students will be considered graduates from New Life Bible College and Seminary with their diploma also stating your satellite program’s name. The local congregation or ministry where the satellite college is located will have the oversight of the college in their building or community.  New Life Bible College and Seminary will advise you and become a team with your church or ministry.

Brief View of the Program-Program 1
The satellite college uses our curriculum as set up in the catalog.  The above procedures are all the same.

Brief View of the Program- Program 2
The satellite college chooses their own curriculum with the help of NLBC&S. The above procedures are all the same.

Brief View of the Program- Program 4 for the International College Satellites

This program is for our international colleges only.  Please see the office for the tuition rates for our international college satellites.  The forms and procedures will be the same as for the previous programs.  The students will not be required to purchase books, just the teacher of the course.

If you have always had a vision of starting a Bible College, we would like to join with you in helping you to make that vision a reality.

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