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Extension School Program

The extension schools are organized under the parent organization, New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International. In this program, we help schools to organize.  They are responsible for all grading, all transcripts, and issuing of diplomas.  We function as an umbrella and a covering for their program.  Schools can be accredited through our accreditation association. New Life Christian Schools and Colleges International also has an accreditation association that we started over 20 years ago as a covering for our extensions.  For information about this see our website at www.nlcsci.net.

As an umbrella organization, we provide help in organizing, a helping hand to be there with answers to questions that come up.  We have had over 20 years of experience in education.  When we first started our school there were very few people who helped us.  I guess you could say we started things the hard way.  At that time, we purposed in our heart to be there to help schools that are organizing, guiding them as they develop their program and partnering with them through the years.  Through our experience and our help, things will be easier for you as you start your Christian School ministry. If you already have a school, you are also welcome to become an extension of New Life.

We believe in Christian Education.  We see the trend in public school education not only to shape our young people away from serving God, but to almost force them into developing standards that aren’t Godly.  What is more precious than our children?  We believe that every church should have a school and educate their children in the standards and in the Word of God as they achieve a well rounded education that will equip them to be sound and strong, able to take on the world and able to achieve great things in the name of the Lord.  As Isaiah says in chapter 54 verse 13, “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord: and great shall be the peace of thy children.” We at New Life want to help every church and ministry to have a Christian.  We want you to be able to say, “Great is the peace of our children”.

For more information as to why your church should have a Christian School, please see the site for Issues in Education by Gerri and Bob Boyd at www.nace-cee.org/iemoreinfo.htm.

A Christian School in every church,

educating children the way the Bible commands.




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