Helps For Homeschoolers

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked question:

 I am not sure I can do this.  How can I meet the educational needs of my children without any training?

Many parents are afraid that because they are not educated in teaching they won’t be able to teach their children at home.  If chosen carefully and followed, the curriculum is designed to be used in just that way.  Also, don’t forget that for 12 years or better you have learned and experienced most of the same things your children will be learning.  Also, you can find a program that will cover you in your homeschooling.  Our program at New Life Christian Schools International prides itself in their support of their home school families.

What about the regulations for my state or locality, what do I have to do to meet these?

Check for the regulations for your locality by going to your school board.  It is also good to contact the Home School Legal Defense Association at their site at  or call them at 804-288-1608 before you go.  This is a non-profit group that specializes in offering assistance to home schoolers. They can tell you about the regulations for your state so that you can be sure that what the school board tells you is correct.  Many times state schools do not like to admit that you have a right to homeschool your child and they will try to make it as difficult as they can.  Be prepared with knowledge about your rights so that you can make a stand if needed.   Find out about their testing program, what standardized tests they require, if they do, and how these are to be administered. 

What help is available from the school at New Life Christian Schools International?

We order your curriculum, and mail it to you (because we are a school we can get it for a wholesale price).  We supply answer keys if you need these to help your child.  We are available by phone for questions.  We grade the work that is completed, provide grade sheets and report cards, keep permanent records, and we can give standardized tests. For those who are accustomed to homeschooling if they choose their own curriculum and do their own grading, we offer record keeping.  This is important and it helps to add credibility to what you have accomplished.

Do I need to record the number of hours my child works? What other records do I need to keep?

Yes, this is needed for several reasons, one being that some localities require a record of the number of hours that a student spends on each subject.  You will need to keep a record for each subject separately.  Record the number of hours spent daily, and keep a total for the year. When we grade the students work ourselves, we will keep records of all books scores and test grades.  You will need to keep a running record of the days that you worked and the hours spent in each day.  A good way to keep a record of this is to mark on a calendar the hours spent for that day.  This is a good practice to follow especially if you are planning on returning your child to the public school at some future time. If you are not a part of our program, then we offer record keeping help. It is very essential to keep good records of their grades, and even the type of curriculum that you used if you change frequently.  I have known many home schoolers to find themselves in a bad situation because they didn't keep proper records.

Will my child be damaged socially by not allowing him to be with other children in a school type setting?

The main concern with home schooling seems to be whether not a child is harmed socially by taking them out of the main stream of a school setting.  By home schooling will I cause them to be isolated so that they won’t be able to get along well with others, socialize, and make it in a real world?  My answer to that is, what is your children learning and picking up in the schools?  What dangers are you risking by letting them socialize?  Which is the greater risk?  An alternative could be to find or start a home school support group in your area.  These offer field trips and activities for the home schoolers to get together.  Also, many community recreation centers have sports available.  Be careful, though, many parents pull their children out of public school to avoid some of it’s pitfalls only to put their children in extra programs and have them get involved in some of the situations you are trying to avoid.  Choose these programs carefully and supervise.  Become involved yourself. 

Hope these questions and answers have helped. If we can be of more service, let us know.

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